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[Resolved] Add more email fields

  • Hi Ben.

    I am so happy to see another Highrise plugin for Gravity Forms, than;’s so much for taking this on.

    I use 3 different email fields in my form to map to Highrise from form. I do this so that I can map the email type as well.

    For instance I have 3 fields ‘Email – Home’ ‘Email – Work’ and ‘Email – Other’, which sync up with the appropriate fields in Highrise.

    Is it possible to replace the email field in the Gravity Forms Highrise CRM Feed settings page to allow multiple entries for emails?




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  • Plugin Author B Hays


    Hi Tom,

    Glad you enjoy the plugin.

    I’ve been planning on adding the different locations for not only email, but address and phone as well. This would allow for multiple emails, phone numbers and addresses to be sent to Highrise.

    I’m hoping to get something pulled together this week, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    That is good news Ben.

    Will you be accommodating all 7 Phone types and all 3 Email and Address types? That would be awesome.

    And if I can push my luck, for some reason when I send the Address (Full) values to HR, the Country names get truncated to two letter codes (Canada becomes CA, United Kingdom becomes GB). Is that a HR setting or something else?

    When I expose the fields in an email notification I see the whole coultry name spelled out.

    Looking forward to the next build, thank you very much!


    Plugin Author B Hays


    I wasn’t planning on getting all 7 phone types in there, but I guess I could. I’m thinking I’ll have a simple and advanced display, with the advanced being a very long list of (almost) all possible Highrise fields.

    As for the country codes, I was converting to their code before sending to Highrise, and didn’t realize that Highrise uses the full name. That’s been fixed and will be in the next release.

    Plugin Author B Hays


    Just updated a new version that includes all phone fields, email fields, website fields and address fields. Also fixed the abbreviated country issue.

    I’ll mark this as resolved for now, but please let me know if anything seems out of place.

    Fantastic Ben.

    I really appreciate your efforts on this.
    I will upgrade tonight and report back.

    Thanks a million.


    Hi Ben.

    I updated the plugin using the automatic update, and it’s fantastic!

    I did not test every field, but all the combinations I used worked perfectly.

    Great job, thanks


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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