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    Hello, I’ve found that that “add more” button located under “in the bag” can be a bit confusing to some visitors. If the quantity and total recalculates at the same time that the “add more” button is pressed, then it would make a lot more sense to a shopper as to what is going on – otherwise it just creates confusion to some people. Can you fix or alter this?

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    Wendy from Ecwid team is here. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    As I get it, you need the following: when your customer changes the quantity on the products details page, you want the item price to change accordingly.

    The product details page shows the price for one item. The same approach is used by major sellers like This is the designed behavior as the customers might be confused when seeing the subtotal for several items and taking it for the price for one single item. When the customer proceeds to the Cart page, they will see the subtotal for the number of products added before placing the order.

    If you want your customers to see the subtotal before they proceed to the Cart page, add the minicart widget to your website. It will show the subtotal immediately on all pages. You will find a screenshot and the integration code in this help article:

    We understand that your business might require the price to update on the product page based on quantity. This feature can be developed specially for your store using Ecwid API. It requires advanced programming skills. You can develop the solution yourself or hire someone. You can hire any developer you want or if you wish, use the service of our customization team.

    If you are interested in or have further questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form here:

    Thank you!

    Well that’s not exactly what I’m was talking about. I shop at Amazon all the time and have never felt this confusion, so no, the experience is not quite the same.

    It’s not so much about the price changing on the product details page. What I’m trying to say is that the “add more to bag” feature and the “quantity” do not correspond when more items are added to the bag. So for example: if I originally had one item and the I decided to add more to bag for that item increasing it to a total of 3, then the problem is that the quantity still reflects as only one item – causing confusion as to whether adding more to bag and the quantity are the same thing.

    Therefore, I just don’t think that the add more to bag feature is needed at all because it can cause more confusion rather than just leaving it off. So if add more to bag and quantity is not going to correspond, then it’s best to have just on or the other. This would cause less visitor confusion the way I have seen and experienced it.

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    Thanks a lot for getting back to us with the clarification.

    Qty field doesn’t show the number of items added to the bag indeed. This box was created as an input field where the customers should enter the number of items to buy. By default, the Qty field shows “1”. The customers can change this value by themselves in case they want to buy several items.

    Here is what happens when your customers add products to the bag:

    – “Add to Bag” button gets hidden;
    – the following buttons appear: Add more, Go to checkout, Continue shopping.

    Also, there is an informative message that indicates that a product was added to the bag. See my screenshot please:

    This message reflects the number of items in the bag, so when your customers add more than 1 item, the text changes accordingly. A screenshot:

    Please note that the Qty field doesn’t change on the second screenshot, as long as this value should be changed by a customer.

    Would you like to change this behavior? If so, how?

    Thank you!

    Ecwid customer care agent

    It doesn’t make sense just like I said. Bottom line is that the quantity and add to bag are supposed to be the same thing. If your company can’t understand how that can be confusing to a good number of people, then I don’t know what to tell you. You can spend thousands or millions on usability testing, but I’m telling you right now. Well guess this is just not the shopping cart for me. Anything feature that doesn’t make sense just doesn’t need to be there, and I don’t know how to tell you to change it; it’s your plugin not mine.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I closely looked into your feedback once again and discussed it with my colleagues. Now I understand what you mean. I am sorry for not getting this earlier. It’s totally my fault. Please accept my sincere apologies for this.

    The behavior I described above hasn’t changed since the day we launched Ecwid. That’s why we thought that it works logically.

    You are right – there is an issue that should be fixed.

    At the moment we are working on the new improved version of the product browser (it’s the main Ecwid widget displaying all store products and categories). We’ve already released a beta version of the product listing page (we can enable it for you if you’d like). We will update the product details page soon and we will surely take your feedback into account.

    There is a quick workaround – you can hide Qty field in your store. You will do it in your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Design page. See my screenshot please:

    I hope you will find this helpful. Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us!

    Thanks for reviewing. So far, disabling the quantity makes more sense to me; now at least there’s no conflicting/competing information. Not sure what the beta has or how I would activate that to see if I’d like that better because I’m just testing things on a test site right now. Please explain further concerning that.

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    We have sent you an email about the new product list. Please, check the inbox. Hope to hear from you there whether you want to give it a try. Thanks!

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