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  • Dear support and volunteers,

    I run several sites which use Woocommerce as a catalog/quotation system. Sometimes I would like to add a minimum price to simple products (custom made products for example). So I would like an option on normal products so you can choose a fixed price or minimum price. Is something like this possible?

    Kind regards,

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  • What you exactly want?

    In your question there are some contradictions.
    If you want some price changes for the product, than it is NOT a simple/normal product; it will be more than simple :).

    If you want to make a minimum price and another price for some alternate options,
    than you may try to use some other functions as:

    1) Variable Product:
    Define a minimum price for the first variable,
    define other prices for other variations.

    2) Use some Add-On Extensions:
    Define a base price for the minimum product,
    and define some add-on properties with price additions.

    You may want to look for Variable Products section in the Woo’s pages:

    or try looking at some of the Add-On extensions:



    Thank you for your reaction, but I think we have a little misunderstanding.

    I don’t want to add alternate options, it shouldn’t be a variable product. It should be a simple product. I’ll try to explain, let’s say I wanna sell a table. But the table is completely custom made. So it depends on size, materials, finishing, paintjobs etcetera, just what the customer wants. I can’t say anything about it, except that the minimum price for a custom made table is €500.

    But, I also have a table which is already finished, which will cost €600. These are two simple products, without options or variables added in Woocommerce. The finished table should say ‘Price: €600,-‘ and the custom table should say ‘Minimum Price: €600,-‘.

    So what I mean is that with every product you have the choice to give it ‘Price’ or ‘Minimum Price’. Without having to add variables, options or price additions.

    Kind regards

    “Price change” is also a “variable”.

    In one of my uses, I have 2 price options, for example:
    $100 for cash,
    $105 for credit card / future patments.

    So I create the product as variable-product,
    with 2 payment-variations.

    In your example you can use whichever you want;
    variable product options or
    some add-ons, adding to the base/minimum priced product.

    Try to look at those documents,
    you can configure your own products for your own needs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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