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  • Hi there WordPress community,

    I’m in a bit of a rot. I’m trying to place a menu bar that is a image (because i don’t want to use any default fonts). I’m trying to put it underneath my header image but i’m having trouble doing so. probably becuase im a novice when it comes to php/css. my website is located here if it helps.

    If theres anyone who can help me with my problem and explain throughly that would be terrific.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • this is what i would do, but might not be the best solution, who knows!

    open your header.php file and locate the <div id="header"> part, then where this div closes, create another div in between your header and your contentbox(which might only be opened in index.php, but just put it after the header div), and assign it an id, such as topmenu etc,

    then in your css, create an entry to match your chosen div name, and put the image in that way, or add it in straight in the div itself.

    hope this helps

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