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  • WP 3.31, Twenty Eleven, ALL PLUGINS OFF


    The good news is in MEDIA/ the images show up on the page and click on edit brings up details for each image.

    But ADD NEW does not work either in flash or browser mode. Nor in Edit Post window

    Cannot add images to post (window loads but no response)

    From within add image icon of post edit tool bar the window comes up that lets me choose from where I want insert image…from desktop does not work at all (note item just above)—when I select FROM LIBRARY a LIST of images (that loads OK from its direct link in sidebar) shows up but just the names and no thumbnails. If I click on SHOW nothing happens.

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  • Try this: Delete the .htaccess file in the wp-includes folder.

    would that cause a security issue?

    Also when plugins are on I am using w3tc AND cloudflare so need to account how your advise would impact.

    You shouldn’t have a .htaccess file in wp-includes. You should only have one in your main root directory. Make sure you do & if you have an extra .htaccess file in wp-includes delete it. Also, copy the .htaccess file from wp-includes on your desktop just to make sure, you can always simply put it back without issue.



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    @bboi: Please stop posting this “advice” in every media upload topic. Every situation is different.

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