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  • rcpkrc


    Hello friends, I am using a turkish translater version of wp from and Till last month l wasnt own any problem and l am also not having any problem with my other sites in same server…
    But in domain I am facing a problem with media file add popup.

    As u can see in the images, When l click the “Add an image” button on Editor Media File Manager popup doesnt come out.

    I dont know whats the problem but l uploaded to latest version, I copied the wordpress core files that work in other domains, I reuploaded wordpress files via ftp very carefull again and again and next try will be to reinstall wp, but l wanted to post this problem here be4 l reinstall it cos l am thinking l may loose data in reinstalls…
    in working way on other domains…
    in not working way in my problem…
    Can l solve this issue?

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  • rcpkrc


    no response to my problem?

    YOu have an interesting problem… sorry just read your post. two months later. Not sure I have a solution for you but disable plugins in WP… MOST of all check your browser… example … FF pluginS – NO SCRIPT, AD-BLOCKER… try another browser .. IE6 — sorry for my wild guess..

    The reason for my response … was another post you made.
    [resolved] connecting two plugins problem

    I am very interested in you results ….
    may a GOOGLE WAVE … chat….

    check the other post for my contact details …

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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