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    I upgraded to 3.8.3 yesterday on my internal MAMP setup and suddenly I cannot add images to posts. I click on “add media” but the next window has no images, only the titles, and choices on the left. I can choose the Media library through the dashboard and see the listing in the dashboard. So my images are still available. But “Add Media” in a post isn’t working.

    Any ideas what I could do to make this work? I did have issues where I couldn’t log in on 3.8.2, and was able to fix the login issue by upgrading to 3.8.3.

    Any ideas? I need to add content and images to keep testing my new sites. Help!

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  • All my plug-ins are off at the moment.

    Another quirk: I create a new post and click “publish” and I get a blank white screen.

    Go back in the browser and I’m back at the edit window. Click All Posts and my new post is there.

    Solved with a little more digging in the forums. Apparently I had some form of an active plugin in my database. I used these instructions someone else used to clean up my database, so to speak. Basically it involves turning off all plug-ins and then deleting the active plug-ins table to ensure that everything really is off.

    From that post…

    1. I made sure to back up the database first to find the database you need to use phpMyAdmin. More info here. Dreamhost had it under Goodies > manage mySQL. Once you are logged in there you’ll see a dropdown labelled ‘databases’ at top left. Pick your WP database from there.
    2. You’ll then see a list of tables on the left side of the page. This is where I found wp_options mentioned in other posts – click on that.
    3. it will load up in the main part of your window. By default the tab ‘structure’ is selected. Click “browse”. Go through the list until you find the evil evil active_plugin row. Should be obvious from the gibberish in one of the fields. Use the red X to delete it
    4. log out of database and get back to happy posting

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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