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  • When editing a post, the add media button opens the selection screen.
    After selection of media, I select “Insert into post”. It closes the media screen but doesn’t insert any media in the post.
    Neither in the wysiwyg editor nor the texteditor.

    I’ve already tried turning off all plugins. Didn’t work.

    I’m using the Synch theme from WPShower.

    Any hints?

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  • Just to check, for me, there’s a new delay in the time the code appears in the post editor. It used to be instant. But since the upgrade I’ve had it take as long as 8 seconds for the code to appear, at first I thought it wasn’t working.

    No, I’ve waited and waited, nothing appears.

    just to be sure you’re trying to do it right with the new 3.5 UI

    Yep, doing it right.
    I’ve decided to do a rollback to 3.4.2 in my live environment until I can find a solution in my staging environment.

    I see a lot of other users posting about the same issue. Unluckily, there’s no fix that works for me, so I’m guessing it’s a theme related issue.

    I am also having this issue. I don’t know if it’s 3.5 that’s the problem. I have updated WordPress to 3.5 on two separate servers. On one server, I have no troubles at all, and it works perfectly. On the other server I have the exact same problem Martijn is having. Any hints on this problems yet?

    @Imabee – please start your own thread if you need help. Bumping is not allowed here and posting in another person’s thread is not the way to get for your issue. You don’t have the identical problem — unless you have the same theme, same plug-ins, same server, etc.

    Also start with the troubleshooting steps in this thread:

    Thanks for the help WPyogi, I wasn’t aware I made an offending post. Thank you for the correction and direction.

    No problem – it’s not offending – just that the forums work better that way 🙂 — you get better help, and volunteers don’t go crazy trying to help multiple people at the same time!

    So rather than answering the question once in a way that may help multiple people, there should be a lot of different threads on the same issue? Just want to be clear. Sorry if this should have been a new thread but I searched looking for an answer to the same question.

    Yep, I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but since everyone’s situation is actually different (i.e. theme, server, plug-ins, etc.), it works better to have only one person per thread.



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    Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic.

    Add Media doesn’t work in my WordPress site either (after upgrading to V3.5)

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    Sorry, this is not a thread for posting “me too” comments.
    If you genuinely want support, you can create/ continue your own thread on the issue.

    Ive been searching the forums here quite a bit and this seems to have been an issue for many people since two wordpress updates ago. Usually WordPress is good with fixing the issues in the next release. Is this particular issue (Add Media button not working) for some reason more complex?

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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