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    I am a JR to WP. I was adding posts to my site last evening and it was all fine. Then this morning (2010.02.23), I log-on an found few ‘Posts edit’ interfaces looked different. The ‘publish’ interface had password option, which I didn’t have before. The ‘Post Tags’ interface became dialog box instead of single line entry. What affected me the most is all of the ‘add media’ buttons between title and content boxes are now disappeared. I didn’t make any changes to WP except adding few posts. I didn’t know how my WP 2.8.4 changed overnight, and couldn’t bring back the ‘add media’ buttons/icons. Could someone help me to get those ‘add media’ buttons back? I have no clue on what happened, if somebody can shed some light on this problem would be greatful.


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  • Well, a link to your site would allow us to take a peek into your source code.

    Are you running any plugins?
    You could try deactivating your plugins to see if that helps

    Thanks for the quick reply. I probably need to clear up my post a little. The site that I worked with is fine. It was the administrative interface got changed. I added some postings to the site that I work with, by using WP administrative tools, last evening. Everything was fine. Until I use the administrative tools again this morning and the administrative interface looked different.

    I have a backup from a month back, and I ‘diff’ it. I notice this piece of code in current ‘header.php’ and ‘comments-popup.php’ files:


    I wondered if this kind of code is safe and normal to have in a site.

    I also have a lot of file in ‘cache’ folder, could I delete those without affecting the site’s current operations?

    Thanks, and TIA

    was the hack on the hosting server side or my computer client side? I have been updating the site online, because I don’t have the WP tools installed on my computer.

    Thanks again!

    It was found out that the entire server has been hacked. Thanks RVoodoo for the quick and helpful responses + the site too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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