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  • Hi I’m having the issue with the add media button not working in my posts, the add/edit link button isn’t working either. I’ve tested on multiple browsers (firefox, safari, chrome) all have the same issue. Oh, I’m using WordPress 3.5 BTW.

    Then I followed the troubleshooting instructions (turning off all plug-ins, changing to 2012 theme, adding the ‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’ line to my wp-config.php file). Here’s what happened… with script debugging on, the add media button started working (this was true no matter what plugins were on, or the theme I was using).
    However, as soon as I turned off debugging the add media button stops working again (even with 2012 Theme selected and all plugins off).

    The add/edit link button seems to be affected by my theme. With 2012 on it works with the theme I’m using (Thesis 2.0) on it stops working, no matter what other plugins are operative and even with the script debugging on. So I’ll contact the Thesis people about that.

    I guess my question is: Is there an issue with leaving debugging on? Or are there any other fixes you can help me with?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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