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  • Pls HELP ME !!!

    Here are some things that might help:

    • Try right clicking inside the pop-up and then click This Frame > Reload Frame.
    • Clear your browser cache. (Tools > Clear Private Data)
    • Check file permissions (should be 644).
    • Deactivate all plugins. Check the image insert function. Then, activate your plugins one at a time and test the image insert each time to see if one of the plugins is interfering with the function.

    But this problem is not in my browser. Im testing on 2 pc on 3 browsers :(. I dont have any plugin active. And in Internet Explorer is error in JavaScript:

    * Řádek: 12
    * Znak: 3
    * Chyba: Objekt tuto vlastnost nebo metodu nepodporuje.
    * Kód: 0
    * Adresa URL: http://…./…post-new.php

    Im sorry but i have czech version of windows 🙂

    Pls somebody help me…

    Have you tried reloading the frame, clearing your cache, or deactivating the plugins? Those are the first things you should try for this type of problem.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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