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  • I am sorry. I know a lot of people probably put a lot of work into this, but Gutenberg is dreadful. The editor is clunky, unintuitive and nowhere near as flexible as it should be (or as Classic Editor was)

    What used to be a 5 or 10 minute blog post in Classic Editor now becomes a 30 minute exercise in frustration. How long it took me just to add an image into a post and have it right aligned to the first paragraph. Trying to make similar changes to an existing page was so unfruitful I gave up in the end. I could insert an image in the editor but it would never appear when previewing the page. Was it going to appear when I published it? Yes but the preview certainly didn’t show that.

    Text runs off the right edge of the page.

    And when I get a few paragraphs in I have to work around a theme-based toolbar across the screen that hides what I’m trying to write behind it. (Maybe not Gutenberg’s fault but was never an issue under Classic Editor)

    The page editor is now a portrait-sized window even though I set the page to be “one column” to cover a wide page. I had HTML templates which I had been using with zero issues for composing pages and now it’s so frustratingly difficult to do what used to be a fairly simple task. I wanted to like Gutenberg but I find it too much a step backwards.

    While this editor seems like a good idea and could be in the future, it should be an “opt in” approach rather than force everyone onto it, especially when it clearly seems to be full of bugs and quirks that need to be ironed out. And certainly needs to be a lot more user friendly.

    As I said I understand that a lot of people volunteered their time into making this editor, but at the same time there are many thousands of us who have volunteered hours of their own time writing content who are seeing their work either distorted or much much harder to produce.

    Gutenberg needs a lot more time in the workshop before it could have even been considered for a widespread release.

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  • Just today I tried to add an image to a post. Classic Editor allowed me to publish a resized image within the post. Gutenberg does not offer this. I ended up having to re-edit the image off-line and then re-upload it.

    Also just the task of adding tags has become troublesome. Typing tag names in the field leaves me hanging for ages while WP tries to find an existing tag (which I know are there) and half the time can’t even find an existing tag. Then if/when it does appear I select it and then it disappears completely. Why is this extremely simple function suddenly so difficult.

    I am not considered an expert in HTML but have enough experience to make simple modifications or fixes as needed, so I would have almost welcomed a plug in like Gutenberg but it is such a step backwards and not at all simplified the process. Send me back to Classic Editor!

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