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  • Hey brooks,

    Thanks for posting. Can you clarify which methods you’ve tried so far? For example, what happens when you drag the widget into that area of your layout? Have you tried using the one of our shortcodes? This page talks about using those:

    Look forward to hearing back!


    HI MC!

    Thanks for your response. I can add a shortcode to a apage and it works fine. I have tried everything to add to the header; html, php….no luck

    I would like to add the form above the footer. When I add the code, the form pops up as a in the background then disappears – im not sure if its something to do with ajax?

    I look forward to your input.

    Hey Brooks,

    The shortcode should insert the form’s HTML code directly in place of whereever you’re putting the shortcode. This means that if you’re seeing any strangness, such as the form appearing in the background, it’s likely a conflict with the existing CSS in that region you’re looking to add it to.

    One suggestion would be to use the ‘inspect element’ tool on a browser such as Chrome to identify the CSS styles that are in place on the plugin’s sign up form. In using that, you can identify which elements would need to be changed to adapt the form to your existing setup. For example, if it’s an issue with the width of the form, you may consider adding something to your stylesheet which sets the width of your plugin form to that hard-coded thinner width.

    While implementing custom code and CSS is a bit outside our range of support here, if you have a link to a live version of your site which has the problematic form on there (being inserted by the shortcode), I’d be happy to take a look and provide some recommendations to get you started in the right direction.


    Hi mc_talk,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I want to insert the plugin in the footer above the facebook and twitter icons.
    You can view the site at

    Any help much appreciated!

    Hey Brooks,

    In taking a look at the site currently, it doesn’t appear to have the plugin form live, so I’m not able to look at the CSS that may be causing the unexpected display that you’re seeing.

    Would you be able to send a screenshot to mailchimptk[at] And also, is it possible to create a live version of your site that has the problematic form on it, which is showing in the background? This allows me to take a look at the CSS to make any suggestions. Otherwise, this may be something that’s best handled by a web developer, in order to assess the CSS.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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