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    Has anyone else been having problems with adding links in the visual editor? I just upgraded WP and now when I select text and click the link icon, it adds extra Paragraph tags, moves the text around, and adds a space before that line… It’s been driving me nuts! I’m using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, with the setting to Stop Removing P Tags – but when I turn that setting off, or disable the plugin, I just get all the nbsp and breaks, which I don’t want. Also, disabling TinyMCE doesn’t totally fix the issue either, it still moves the ending a tag to the next line, and adds a bunch of space above and below the link, it’s totally wonky in there!

    Here’s an example of what’s happening:

    <p><a title="Site Title" href="" target="_blank">
    <p>Text I Selected To Add Link</p>

    Again, I’m using the Visual Editor; It’s adding Paragraph tags…

    Anyone know of a solution?

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  • Ugh.. Never mind, sorry for the firedrill. I found the culprit causing the issue, it’s the Custom Post Widget plugin. When I disable it, the issue’s resolved.

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