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  • I have modified my Kubrick template to have a header.php, sidebar-left.php, sidebar-right.php, index.php, and footer.php.
    How do I make Kubrick call my two new sidebars from index.php?

    I would like <?php get_sidebar-left(); ?> to call up sidebar-left.php and <?php get_sidebar-right(); ?> to call up sidebar-right.php

    How would this be done?
    WP 1.5-01-29-04 and default (Kubrick) theme

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  • Try this in your template where you want to load the files:

    <?php require_once(TEMPLATEPATH . '/sidebar-left.php'); ?>

    <?php require_once(TEMPLATEPATH . '/sidebar-right.php'); ?>

    That worked….


    care to share the template code. i being trying to make a 3 column layout with kubrick template using php the say you are doing. I have 3 column layout but it is base in trident, i think. it was long time ago since being modifying it. you can view my blog at




    Hey I need help with this too. I tried doing the exact same thing. I changed the code in general functions file to call two different functions (left and right) and changed every instance of get_sidebar to get_l-sidebar or get_r-sidebar. I also copied sidebar.php into two files (l-sidebar and r-sidebar) and all I get on my main page is a big blank. So I must have done something wrong. Any clue?

    oh.. I started with the three-col-cubrick theme by the way.
    Help please.



    OK, now it works. I guess I should leave the ‘general functions’ file alone. I only called it in the template files.

    Ok, I want to do the same kind of thing, but how do I control the widths of the sidebars?
    I only want them to be about 15% of the width of my window while the middle column I want to be 70% of the width.


    The width is controlled by a bg image:
    Unless you modify the image itself, you cannot do much.

    dear user “thegreatnorth” or anyone else: I would like to add the left sidebar to a site using the kubrick theme. I see you accomplished already. do you mind sharing with me the code and exactly where to place it? thanks much.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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