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  1. musicmasteria
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'd like to have wordpress say both who posted something and who, if anyone, modified it last. Author's are fighting over credit for posts because they change the post author if they fix the post however the original poster no longer has any credit for posting it originally.

    I was thinking well why not add a "last_modified_users" to the post attributes?
    I do think it would be important to have more than one user in that list if possible.. maybe a list of the last 5 users to have edited the list.

    The new feature would include both the date and user id of the last 5 (or more/less) modifications.

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
    Or does a plugin that does just this exist already?


  2. There is this function:

    get_the_modified_author (line 63 of ../wp-includes/author-template.php)

    Retrieve the author who last edited the current post.

    * return: The author's display name.
    * since: 2.8
    * uses: get_userdata() - Retrieves the author's DB object.
    * uses: get_post_meta() - Retrieves the ID of the author who last edited the current post.
    * uses: apply_filters() - Calls 'the_modified_author' hook on the author display name.
    * uses: $post - The current post's DB object.

    string get_the_modified_author ()

    Perhaps adding this into your theme may accomplish what you are looking for.

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