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  • I have downloaded the JW player plugin and would like to add a MP4 video to my home page.

    The only way I can see to do this is by editing the theme_actions.php file – please see code below and where I would like to enter the code for the video…

    I have tried reading about adding shortcode within the PHP file, but I am not very experienced in coding and couldn’t make it work, so any help would be gratefully appreciated – please make it very noob friendly.

    <!--Start Entry Wrapper-->
                                <div id="entry_wrapper">
                                    <div class="grid_10 alpha">
                                        <!--Start Entry-->
                                        <div class="entry">
                                              echo "<h1 class='entry_heading'>Boost your technique with online video tutorials!</h1>
    <h4 class='entry_content'>Pro-Am Strings is an online violin school for intermediate to advanced amateur violin and viola players.</h4>
    <h1 class='entry_heading'>Why an online campus?</h1>
    <h4 class='entry_content'>Pro-Am Strings facilitates creative learning in different formats: videos, Skype lessons, away days and discussion forums, all in one place. Learn what you want when you want it, wherever you are. On-the-go-learning from your computer, tablet or mobile.</h4>
    <h4 class='front_page_link'>Unlimited access. Expert teaching!</h4>";
                                            if (inkthemes_get_option('inkthemes_btn_text_1') != '') {
                                                echo '<a class="entry_btn" href="' . inkthemes_get_option('inkthemes_btn_link_1') . '"><span class="btn_left"></span><span class="btn_right">' . inkthemes_get_option('inkthemes_btn_text_1') . '</span></a>';
                                            } else {
                                                echo '<a class="entry_btn" href="#"><span class="btn_left"></span><span class="btn_right">Subscribe Now</span></a>';
                                        <!--End Entry-->
                                    <div class="grid_14 omega">
                                        <!--Start Vid content-->
                                        <div class="vid_content">                                      
                                            <div class="vid">
                                <!--I WANT MY VIDEO HERE -->
                                        <!--End Vid Content-->
                                <!--End Entry Wrapper-->

    This is the shortcode of the video I want to use….
    [jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”7″ image=”/wp-content/themes/subscribelytheme/functions/lib/images/default_image.jpg”]

    The video is MP4 and will be stored on my server.

    Many thanks

    E Cameron

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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