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    Please can you tell me how to add user IP address to submission form?

    My site heavily relies on seeing where a user is from or verifying that they are where they say, this requires checking IP address whois.

    Please can hidden field/IP address be shown on submission form? Also their username, if logged in. At the moment I mus copy their email address and search for user, to get their username (to use elsewhere) which is time consuming. Thank you

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    Hey @welshdemon,

    We already capture the ip address for any form submitted and store it.

    Are you planning to add custom code to your functions.php (or custom plugin) to display this data? Also, where on the ticket admin page would you want to display it?




    Maybe under the view submission data, it could show IP address and username (if logged in?

    Also I like to see the full submission data all of the time. I thought I had the answer to this, I tried override the CSS in the “theme customise Additional CSS”
    kbs-custom-ticket-sections-wrap with display:block !important; instead of display:none; but it had no effect.

    Also a lot of my customers are elderly and not good with I.T. and emails.
    When they click the email link to view ticket reply, sometimes they do not realise to click “View reply” and think that there is no reply. (They often email me to see that I have sent a blank reply!). I also tried change this by CSS
    .kbs-replies-content-wrap {
    display: none;
    but this also had no effect.

    I don’t want to edit the plugin CSS file as it will be overwritten every plugin update.

    Do you have any suggestions please?

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    If you create a child theme and copy the kbs.css file to a folder named kbs_templates in the root of the child theme it will never be overwritten during plugin updates. (If you are using the minified version of the file, remember to update and copy that too!).

    We will add the IP address to the submission data for the next update.

    The replies are hidden using this line in the view-ticket.php file…
    <div id="ticket_response_<?php echo $reply->ID; ?>" class="single_reply kbs_hidden">

    kbs_hidden is the CSS class hiding the reply data.

    Again, if you copy that file to a kbs_templates folder within your child theme and adjust it, it will not be overwritten with updates. Or you could use a custom CSS entry to override and force it to be displayed. This would be messy if there are a lot of replies though.

    You can also add the {reply_content} template tag to your outgoing emails when a reply is added. This would include the reply text in the email.

    A further option is to look at our Email Piping extension which allows for replies via email.



    Thanks a lot for your reply and the info.

    I have bought your “canned replies” addon and might buy more extensions in the future.




    One more request please. Have a way for admin/support agent to click username on a ticket and go to the customer WP profile.

    At the moment I must copy email address, go to users page, search for user.

    Thank you

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    On the ticket screen if you click the customer number which appears after the name (prefixed with #) that will take you to the customer screen. From there there is a link to the WP user profile under the customer details (User ID). If they are not a WP user “none” is displayed.

    It’s an extra click. We may add the WP user ID to the ticket screen.

    The IP address addition is in the upcoming version which will be released in around a week.

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