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  • Hello,
    I want to add in the sidebar a button or a link that allow users(not administrator) to add new posts. Is this possible?Is any plugin available for that?
    If you know another place to put this button or link to add new posts instead of sidebar please tell me too.
    Thanks a lot

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  • I don’t know how you can filter admin and users… From what I can tell, if “users” can see something, “admin” will see it also…

    But if you want a link to the “write post” section appears only when users are logged in, try :

    global $user_login;
    if( $user_login ) :
    <a href="WORDPRESS INSTALL URL/wp-admin/post-new.php">link to write a post</a>
    <?php endif; ?>

    You add this code in the side bar, whereever you want… You would maybe put in a “li” element of a list, after your category, archives, blogroll, etc…


    I think this code will redirect me to the standard page of wordpress to add a new post which has a different style in comparation to the rest of the blog . I want to have the same style, integrating the form to add a new topic in the blog with the rest of the blog.
    Do you know how to do this?
    Thanks a lot


    To give the same “style” to the admin page post-new.php, you will have to edit the layout of the wp-admin section to fit the same style of your whole site. To do so, you should edit the css style sheets in wp-admin/css and the images in wp-admin/images, and all the divs in admin-header.php admin-footer.php and every page like post-new.php…

    In short, you’ll have to make a theme for wp-admin…

    On this first aspect of your question, my advice is : don’t do that… 😉 Your wordpress will be a hell to upgrade 🙂

    But, by “users” I fear you mean “visitors”… You want a page on your blog, that anybody can surf on, where anybody can write a post to your blog… (?)

    I’m afraid it’s impossible, since your visitors have no roles, no permissions to post…

    The only thing I could imagine to do so, is to make a page template in your blog where you put a form mail wich use the email adress configured in your blog by email options…

    But here again, my advice is don’t do that… ;-)… You will end up with a spam dump… 🙂


    Ah! ;-)…


    I have a problem that is similar to other developer’s probelm. I want to use a form with two custom fields: one text field(the name of the football player,”Football player”) and one text area(comments about this football player,”Comments”). All users (registred and non registred) can use this form. This form is in a page. When a user fill the “Football player” and “Comments” fields and submit them the post go to the moderate queue. When I check this moderate queue the post hasn’t got the football player name and the comments. In the preview seems to work correctly.
    I have modified in forms/widgets/tdomf-customfield-widget.php, the
    function “tdomf_widget_customfields_textfield_post” and the problem is still there, I don’t know if I have to do more things.
    Congratulations for the plugin.

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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