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    I would like to find a plug-in or randomizing code that could:

    In Column B, at the top, insert a H4 “Breaking News”, and below that pull in a random photo from a directory I designate (already sized to 150px wide) followed by its caption in bold; perhaps pulling from a simple to edit text file.

    Similar visually to what is at the top of Column A now – although this is static.

    I use Mike’s Journalized Theme. I’m not a PHP genius. And, if possible, I’d really like to have two separate directories of photos and captions (one for my “Breaking News” random photos, and one for another section called “What I’m Listening To”.

    Like a simple script that would be “Random1.php” and “Random2.php”

    Help? I’ll bet there’s already something out there – I can find random text (but no HTML calls like I’d need to import the photo image) or random image galleries, but usually without a caption or tied to Gallery, which I don’t want to install. Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams?

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    While such a thing would certainly be possible (and may already exist), is there any reason you don’t want to tie it to a gallery of some sort?

    I’ve been using Picasa Web recently, and I love the thing. It makes everything very easy, way easier than what I was doing before, which was basically having a files/folders based gallery approach, similar to what you’re talking about.

    Anyway, a gallery approach with a plugin to read from that gallery would let you better control the images and change them, without screwing around with moving files around and editing text files and such.

    Just a thought.

    Well – I don’t need to control the images much; in that I pre-select and size them from the beginning for the purpose of the “humorous” Breaking News item.

    If there would be a simple Gallery-type install, I could do it, but I find my limits pretty fast on tech stuff,

    I did my first site in PHP-Nuke, and it had “blocks” where I could put in text/HTML in strings separated by a delimiter. Made it fairly easy – as I can type better than I can think.

    I am unfamiliar with Picasa Web. Maybe I should start there.

    I guess what I’m saying is taht I dont’ really need the images to appear anywhere else as a “Gallery” in terms of they may want to browse through all of them. I just want a random image with caption to appear on the sidebar. I merely want to pull a random single image at a time – so that people get a “fresh joke” with each refresh.

    I found what I was looking for with “Random Words” plug-in.

    Since this plug-in can handle HTML in the “random words/quotes” it can insert; I can call a photo image –

    Best of all – the Random Words plug-in can handle multiple lists of “text” – so I can actually use this same plug-in to manage various random image+caption calls in both of my sidebars.

    You can see it in action as “Breaking News” (top of Column B) and “Girls Who Read LL-N” (mid Column A)

    I gave the address for the plug-in;

    To see in action:

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