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    Hello folks. I have uploaded images to wp-content images yet they are not showing on my site. The site is I have created an images folder in wp-content.

    For instance the html is <img src=”images/index-images/hong-kong.png”> and I have uploaded hong-kong.png in images/index-images folder in wp-content. What am I doing wrong?

    For background: I’m migrating a Joomla site to WordPress in a subfolder wp and relative links are already present in the content so don’t want to manually insert every image again.

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  • Moderator Steve Stern


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    use the plugin “add from server” to add uploaded images properly to your media gallery.

    Thanks Sterndata. Will try that. Appreciate the quick response.

    Dear Steve:
    I have tried add from server but it is not uploading folders, only files so files can now be accessed but not with directory structure intact. Tried Custom Upload Dir but that is not doing the trick either. All the files imported in from Joomla already have image locations specified so want to reproduce the same structure in WordPress. It will be a nightmare trying to bring thousands of images file by file again.

    Moderator Steve Stern


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    The media library does not support a complex folder structure. Either all files are dumped in wp-content/uploads or in wp-content/uploads/year/month, based on your settings in settings->media.

    Ouch! Is there any plan to fix that in the next version. I have just done a search in the forum on this topic and found a seven year old thread where same functionality was requested so hopefully it is something that is being considered for future versions.

    Moderator Steve Stern


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    Ouch! Is there any plan to fix that in the next version.

    It is not a bug; as far as I know, no such enhancement is planned.

    If your goal is to make sure old links work, you’ll have to work out some 301 redirects that will tide you over until all the search engines update their indices.

    I agree with you that it is not a bug but a nightmare to organize thousands of images in one folder. Also not a plus from SEO standpoint. Since both Joomla and drupal have had this ability for years, I would hope WordPress will acquire it as well. This and simplicity of menu creation is restricting its ability to play in the big leagues.

    Moderator Steve Stern


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    there are some plugins for this. Google something like “wordpress plugin media library folders”.

    Thanks Steve for ever quick response.

    This really helped me out. I had two days of hustle.
    Thank you Sterndata

    Yeah agree wholeheartedly, Steve at Sterndata is a walking encyclopedia of WordPress wisdom.

    Thank you sterndata (Steve Stern)



    use “media from ftp” plugin

    upload folder structure by ftp in \wp-content\uploads and use this plugin

    Will keep the structure separate in folders and will generate thumbnails etc

    Thanks! Worked great and easy, just had to redo it a couple of times, as it didn’t do all on one search.

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