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    new at this – I’m not a php coder.

    How do I get an image that includes a link into the sidebar?

    I’ve tried things with sidebar.php but it dosent work

    any help?

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  • I used the widget sidblog and these are the steps I took:
    created a new category,named it asides1
    Created a post with only the image in it. (You could make the image a link while you are at it.)
    Made the title of the post what I wanted the title of the image to be
    Went to the sideblog control and set it to show that category with only one post.
    In the widgets control window I put the widget for sideblog where I wanted the image to be.

    In the future when I will want to add another image to the sidebar, I will create another category and do the above and then tell sideblog to show both categories

    Its a work around, but hey, it works. And I did not have to dig into the code of the template to do it and can substitute other images when I want.

    Use a text sidebar widget. Just insert the html code:

    <a href="http://insert your link here"><img src="http://your image source here"></a>

    This will display your image, and clicking on it will open the link. You can add any text you wish using standard html code.

    thanks capelyddol I’ll try that

    thanks capelyddol I’ll try that

    capelyddol thanks for the response – I’ll try that also.

    I”m a wuss – seems like this should be easier

    Thanks both of you

    I ended up using capelyddol solution. Don’t know if it’s the most efficient but its’ working fine.

    Thanks again

    I’m used to inserting HTML links.
    I tried the Text Box widget from the Dashboard,
    found that it ignored my hyperlink.
    How can I place my own hyperlink, perhaps between SearchBox and “Categories”, to a page of my choice?

    It seems I’m saying capelyddol’s logical method did not work for me.

    capelyddol’s method didn’t work for me either.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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