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  1. thebiz
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I was quite excited upon first diving into the new wordpress... especialy in regards to the new 'media uploader' options.

    However... unless I am seriously miss interpreting things, its falling a bit flat.

    Once a selection of images are added to the 'gallery' for a post, its quite nice to go in and turn adjust the settings for the link, alignment and image size.

    For my site, I uploaded my images at 500pixels in width and keep them full size with no link and centered on the page.

    So... it was quite disappointing when I hit the 'Insert gallery into post' button on I got a crappy little bunch of thumbnails, really not what I wanted to see.

    Going back into the gallery window I see that it did not save off any of the settings for url, alignment or image size.

    Am I not understanding how this should work... or is it simply not working yet?

    Any advice/knowledge is most welcome!


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