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    Do I have to re-upload images to use in multiple galleries? It seems I should be able to choose an image in the media library and associate it with a gallery in a post easily.

    I’ve tried inserting the image to the post, but that image doesn’t show up on the gallery tab in “add media/images”

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  • any ideas? It turns out I can’t add any image to an existing gallery. I really don’t want to delete the gallery and reupload everything, as well as type in all the text again.

    Apparently you can’t have an image associated with 2 posts. OK.

    BUT I also cannot add any images to a gallery after the gallery was created.

    Do I have to monkey around in the database to get this to happen? Anyone else having an issue?

    I believe all you need to do to add to an existing gallery is:

    – go to edit mode for the post (or the page)
    – click the “add image” icon

    The image file you upload from edit page is added to that page’s gallery (maybe you need to save to see it in the gallery?)

    Have successfully added/deleted and edited image info in a gallery associated with an individual page a number of times.

    Hope this helps.

    Saving the post was the key. Insert photo, save the post. Edit again, the new photo will show up in the gallery.

    Hopefully the next version of WP allows photos to be in more than one gallery. A bit silly to have the same photo and info uploaded twice.

    Future reference — if you delete an image from a gallery, it (and all its info) is gone forever. If you just want to move an image from one post to another make sure all the info is copied down somewhere.

    Thank you organica, it helped!

    Thanks for the feedback! — and will keep your tips in mind.

    Also meant to mention: I fought with the new uploader for a day or so before installing the “No-Flash-Uploader” plug-in.

    A link to it can be found at bottom of this sticky post about the media uploader:


    i have a blog( ) and i put a [gallery] tag in a text widget, i was surprised to see that it worked, giving it the id of a hidden page.

    but now i desperately need to add/remove foto’s from it that already exist, without re-uploading or completely removing them!

    is there any news on this? because this feature was introduced in version 2.5, and version 2.7 is out since a few weeks.
    i don’t think has version 2.7 yet, but my local version of 2.7 does not behave very different…

    this, and the page order functionality are the baddest features i can think of… they just don’t work like they should, but i guess that is why there ar gallery plugins and page order plugins, but i can’t use those on!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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