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  1. Svish
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I often want to add an image from a URL, but I would still like WordPress to copy it to my upload directory as a regular upload. Reason is that I don't want to mooch of others bandwidth and I also want to prevent images to suddenly disappear if the source goes away, hot-linking is blocked or something like that.

    Currently I have to first download the image to my computer, and then upload it again. Would be a lot neater if I could just do this in one step.

  2. True, but that would make it too easy to steal copy written images. In order to prevent that, you can't. Also, not all servers allow you to do that (copy to itself and then upload to WP), so it's easier to assume they can't.

  3. Svish
    Posted 4 years ago #

    How would it be easier to steal copy written images? Wouldn't be any harder or easier in my opinion... Difference is that you would have to copy the link to an image instead of the image itself.

    Not sure what you mean by copy to itself and then upload to WP. As long as you can upload images to WordPress, you can at least write them to a folder. You would just download it directly to that folder instead of moving it from the tmp directory (where I think it ends up after an upload?). The download part I know isn't supported everywhere, but most places I think some sort should be supported. Like cURL or something like that. Could just be disabled if the server didn't support it.

  4. It's easier to tell wordpress 'get this image, copy it to my server, and insert this into my post' than it is for you to go to the site, get nagged at, download the image, edit it (if you want), upload and insert it.

    Which would make it easier for Joe Dumb to steal and image.

    Not sure what you mean by copy to itself and then upload to WP. As long as you can upload images to WordPress, you can at least write them to a folder.

    Yes, because of browser permissions to your desktop.

    We're talking having your browser call a wget or similar command to download a file from another server. It's more complicated, and isn't supported everywhere.

    Bad idea.

  5. Svish
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Browser permissions to my desktop? That shouldn't have to do anything with this? Whole point is that the image should not have to go through my desktop, but rather directly from source to my upload directory.

    Wouldn't need to call wget and why would my browser have to do this? I'm talking about PHP code running on the server. Could use cURL, fsockopen or something else. Many options. I could get the url to the image, give it to the upload tool, and it could do an ajax request to the script that would download the file, put it in the upload directory, et cetera.

    Not that complicated, but yes, probably more complicated than what you have right now. Especially since you already have what you have :p

    Anyways, I'm not sure I find "would make it easier for Joe Dumb to steal an image" a good reason for not adding a feature... I mean... shouldn't you just disallow all media then? Why is the image I upload from my computer less likely to be copyrighted than one from the internet? Yes, I have my own pictures on my computer, but most pictures I put on my blog are from the internet.

  6. Yeah and don't think the fact that people just 'take' images without considering source bugs the hell out of me. That's theft, and most people don't seem to give a damn *sigh*

    Anyway, they have it on the list, but it's not going to be reviewed until after 3.1 it looks like.


  7. Svish
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Oh, I think it's pretty clear that it bugs the hell out of you :P And I agree, pictures shouldn't be taken without checking the permissions first.

    As long as it's on the list, I'm happy. Not in a hurry :)

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