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  • Hi, i have a header image, which i would like to add.

    I just recently switched from to .org and am still having trouble figuring it all out.
    On you just had to upload the image, but i can´t find that function on .org.

    Can anyone help?

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  • nobody? 🙁

    This may answer your question:

    Are you trying to replace the existing background image or something else?

    BTW, see this too :).

    oh, ok sorry, didn´t know about “bumping”

    thanks for the reply, i now uploaded the picture i want to use as header, but how do i get it at the top of the page as header?

    No problem, I figured that since you are new here and just wanted you to know as you’ll typically get “reminded” by a moderator… And as the rules state, it actually really decreases your chances of getting answered — because your thread no longer shows up as “unanswered.”

    Anyway, what you need to do depends on whether you want to use your image to replace the existing background image or something else?

    Good to know, then i won´t bump anymore. ^^

    Yeah, i have an image a friend of mine designed in photoshop.
    I just want to put it on top of the page replacing the header which comes with the ping theme by default.

    Okay, that’s actually easier — the simplest way to do it is to use the exact same name and file type on the new image (headerimg.png) and make sure that it is the same size (960 X 384). Once you have that (your friend should be able to help do that if need be) — just replace the old one with yours — it’s in the images folder — when you are uploading you should be able to navigate to that folder.

    hmm, well i uploaded the header image into the images folder and named it headerimp.png, but i can´t find any old image with which i could replace it… 🙁

    Make sure you have the name right — in your post here, it’s misspelled.

    just looked in the media library. the typo is just here in the forum. it´s spelled correct in the library

    so you mean i have to go to “media -> add new” and upload the picture with that name?

    cause that´s what i did. as i said, there is no “old” file titled headerimg.png in the media library

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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