Add h1 and h2 to default WordPress Permalink URLs? (1 post)

  1. PGrizz
    Posted 2 years ago #

    By default WordPress takes the page title you enter in the editor and makes it into a permalink. This title is usually also the h1 of the post.

    If I keep the default title in the editor as my h1, but then add another h2 that's added by an Advanced Custom Field, how would I be able to combine the h1 and h2 into my page's title and permalink to help my SEO?

    For Example:
    Right now this is my post's title "WordPress Title Example for Forum"
    But I want to split it so that "WordPress Title" is my default displayed h1 and title and "Example for Forum" is my custom h2. Then have the url still be "site.com/wordpress-title-example-for-forum" and the page's title still be "WordPress Title Example for Forum"

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