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[resolved] Add Gallery Page is Blank (53 posts)

  1. VM Systems
    Posted 2 years ago #

    trader88888, I agree that it's not perfect and not a total fix. I'm also glad it worked as it did because I REFUSED to uninstall all my plugins to troubleshoot.

    There was also a suggestion to switch over to a factory template. Switch... do gallery maintenance, switch back. Would that work as a temp fix for you?

    Have you submitted the problem via their web site as per the post above? Hopefully they can access your site to troubleshoot for you. I have offered access to our site.

  2. WordCamp Vegas
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am using the beta version on a live site and nothing resets, nothing refreshes and all of my option save.

    Plugins I am using:

    BAW Login/Logout
    CUstom CSS For Page And Posts (CCSS)
    Gravity Forms
    If Menu
    Share This
    The Events Calendar
    Theme My Login
    User Switching
    WooCommerce Authorize.net DPM Gateway
    WOrdPress Importer

    and the theme I am using is called

    BONFIRE found on Theme forest.

    It's not my site geekstreetwp.com, its a site built for a friend.

    Also tried the beta version on a few other sites and no issues. I can screen shot verify if needed.

  3. wp_user888
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I setup another site that is on 3.5 and has no plugins and it DOES refresh for me. It also refreshes on a site with plugins so I'm pretty sure that has no barring on what is going on.

    I can screen shot verify as needed too ... :P

  4. kloader
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem. FIX THE PLUGIN. There are many "fixes" but none work. If you do not, I am going to lose a VERY good customer over this stupid plugin. Once it is working I'll make sure not to update it!

  5. kloader
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Are you reading these photocrati? I've spent 3 days looking for a fix. Nothing.

  6. AITpro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @photocrati - As a plugin author i have had a snowball thread like this occur once for my plugin as well. ;) What is a "snowball thread"? several totally different and unrelated problems are all being added to 1 thread. They may all be related as far as jQuery goes, but each individual person's problem could be related to a different issue/problem - a particular theme they are using or a plugin or a combination of plugins. jQuery is of course the most likely source of the issue since WP 3.5 made significant changes to jQuery which affected several plugins and several themes.

    So for anyone who is posting here you should check for updates for any plugins or themes that use jQuery. When i did my testing NextGen worked perfectly fine on WP 3.5 and the WordPress 2011 Theme. My gut is telling me that the most likely cause for most of these problems is going to be plugins that are bundled into Themes that use jQuery.

  7. wp_user888
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This maybe @AITpro but none the less the new jQuery changes might have an impact based on how the author is handling the error/change and an incorrect handling could be causing his plugin to fail ...

  8. AITpro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yep that is possible, but I installed NextGEN on a testing site that uses the WordPress 2011 Theme and everything worked perfectly so I am tending to lean more towards something like a jQuery conflict exists with some additional factor such as a plugin that is bundled with a Theme or some other additional factor.

    The problem with "snowball threads" is that you cannot isolate 1 definite source of the problem since this thread appears to contain several different specific problems that may have a common root problem source, which is most likely going to be jQuery related.

  9. AITpro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    And there is currently an issue going on with W3TC that could be a factor in this equation as well since you mentioned something about "refresh" not working as it should. Could be a cache related issue.

  10. wp_user888
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yes it very well could be a bunch of things, but when this stopped working, the only change that took place was the wordpress 3.5 upgrade and that seems to be common across the board. So we can't blame wordpress - it has to be something to do with the "everything else" .. his plugin, other peoples plugins, but ultimatly since we dont have control over every single plugin and everyone with different plugins is being affected then we can say that THIS plugin Nextgen Gallery should be handling something better.

    Microsoft has bugs in their products that show up AFTER people install other software, but microsoft doesn't blame the software vendors because any software could trigger the bug in microsofts platform. ITs the same thing here..

  11. AITpro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I was of course not blaming WordPress. That would be silly. In the coding World things change fast with any new improvements. WordPress is the base platform. Plugins and Themes need to conform to WordPress. If your Plugin or Theme does not conform then you need to adapt quickly and conform. That is par for the course in the coding World. ;) So to be perfectly clear about what I said/meant - WordPress 3.5 made jQuery changes that require that all Plugins and Themes that use jQuery conform with/to those new WP 3.5 jQuery changes. Hope that clears up what I meant. ;)

    The point of me posting in this Thread was to get the bigger picture on the table. Really what needs to happen is to isolate the root source of the issue or if these are actually several similar, but not really related issues/problems then they should not all be lumped together under 1 umbrella. What ends up happening is these cases is the root source of an issue/problem becomes skewed/distorted and you end up moving away from finding the true root cause of an issue. These types of threads are tricky to handle because what ends up happening psychologically is it appears at first glance that this is just an isolated NextGEN issue/problem. Folks will just think/believe that something is directly wrong with NextGEN when this might not be the case at all. This may or may not be the case. Very tricky type of thread to deal with. ;)

  12. kloader
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Please go to http://www.whatpane.ca and tell me what is conflicting.

  13. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you @AITpro, we appreciate your support and help with clarifying the change with WP v3.5. We're not blaming WP, if our plugin is conflicting with another plugin/theme, and the error has potential to conflict with several similar plugins or Themes, we of course want to fix it.

    It's difficult for us to pinpoint exactly what it is that's causing this error unless we hear back from users more than "it's not working" or "fix it". We need sufficient information about your environment. i.e.:

    - What theme you are using
    - What plugins you have installed
    - What version of WordPress are you running
    - Is the problem resolved when all plugins are deactivated?
    - Is the problem resolved when you switch to WP Default Theme (while all plugins are deactivated) ?
    - Who is your hosting provider?
    - Is your hosting account running the most current up to date version of PHP & MySQL?
    - Please detail the steps you take to see this error.

    We would still love to hear from you all whether or not the beta has been of any help in resolving this issue for you. Please download and follow the instructions as outlined in our blog post: found here.

    *** If the issue persists, with the beta installed, even with all plugins deactivated and your theme (temp.) switched to WP Default, please submit your test results w/ temp. login credentials to your site, through this contact form on our site. The message will go straight to our developers to look into further.

    Thanks everyone! The more feedback we receive, the better it helps us to find a solution!

  14. AITpro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @photocrati - What you cannot solve the problem when someone says something like this?

    "I did something and now something is not working. Any ideas?" LOL

    Yeah i get these all the time too and have tried creating a sticky thread, but no one ever looks at the "Read Me First Before Posting Sticky Thread". ;)

    I tested NextGEN because someone using my plugin was having an issue and I wanted to make sure that my plugin was not causing the issue/problem. What I found was that NextGEN was working perfectly fine when using the WordPress 2011 Theme and WP 3.5 so obviously there are other factors involved for other folks. ;)

    On an interesting side note I added drop down select options to my personal contact form and that has saved me 1,000's of hours of going back and forth asking questions via emails. Hmm might be a nice option requirement for posting new threads?

  15. c64
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I upgraded BPS to the latest version (.47.7), it fixed my problem.

  16. kloader
    Posted 2 years ago #

    What the BPS stand for?

  17. BPS = BulletProof Security, that one is AITpro's plugin.

  18. maximaal
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Problem is fixed.

    Changing and updating jQuery from the custom made theme did the trick.

  19. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    @rnienhuis , @brushbox , @wp_user888 , @trader88888 , @VM Systems - If you are still experiencing this error, would you please submit a bug report here on our site, and include temp. WP login information & temp. FTP information as well. Please also include steps to reproduce the error. We will be releasing another upgrade (or possibly Beta) soon and would like to ensure we resolve this issue for everyone experiencing it still. We are unable to reproduce this error on our end, and need access to users sites with this bug so we can locate the root cause and fix it.


  20. arkitrekker
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am getting a 404 page not found error on the following pages:
    - Add Gallery / Images
    - Tags
    - Options
    - Styles
    - Roles
    - About

    The following pages work fine:
    - Manage Gallery
    - Album
    - Overview (although 'upload pictures' link does not work)

    I can use Filezilla as a workaround to create galleries and upload images although I can't subsequently create thumbnails on Manage Gallery page.

    -I am using Solaris theme by http://www.wpcrown.com/wordpress-themes/ (although it's no longer available)
    - I'm running WordPress 3.5.1
    - I'm running NextGEN 1.9.11 beta (on 1.9.10 the problem was a blank page as described above, rather than a '404 error')
    - Deactivating plugins makes no difference
    - The problem is resolved when I switch to WP Twenty Twelve theme
    - My hosting provider is HostGator
    - I don't know if my hosting account is running the most current up to date version of PHP & MySQL?

    my site is http://arkitrek.com

  21. @arkitrekker Please start your own topic with your own details.


  22. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    For those experiencing the Add Images/Upload Images page refreshing/or 'Request URI too large' error, we have moved this discussion to a new thread here:

    Page Refreshes / Request URI Too Large

  23. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    For those experiencing the issue of being unable to create a new gallery or successfully upload images to gallery, please refer to this thread:

    Unable to Create New Gallery or Upload Images as of v1.9.10 & WP 3.5

    For those experiencing the error of missing galleries under Gallery >> Manage Gallery list, please refer to this thread:

    Galleries Missing In Manage Gallery List as of v1.9.10 & WP 3.5


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