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  1. bf2426
    Posted 2 years ago #

    HI I have activated the plugin and clicked on the icon in the page-edit screen but the add form lightbox comes up blank.

    I'm assuming that is where we define the lightboxes and their actions. So how do I get it working?

    I am using Genesis theme with the Epik child theme.




  2. RavanH
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Bill,

    Easy FancyBox does not generate icons on the page edit screen. So that must be part of another plugin or your theme...

    Easy FancyBox options can be found on your Settings > Media admin page. The default options should make all links to images in your posts open in a FancyBox lightbox.

    If you are unable to make links to images open in FancyBox, it might be an incompatibility with your theme. Please provide the URL of the page where you are trying (but failing) so I can take a closer look.

  3. bf2426
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Ravan

    Tks for the quick response.

    OOPs you are right that is for another plugin I was trying to use for the light box effect.

    I am trying to open a gravity form in the light box so it is for inline content.

    I have tried pasting this in the page:

    <div style="display:none" class="fancybox-hidden"><div id="fancyboxID-1">
    [gravityform id="1" ajax="true"]
    <a href="#fancyboxID-1" class="fancybox">Click here to enter your details</a>

    But it does nothing.

    I am building the site on my local server so I can't give you a link. Sorry.


  4. RavanH
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    First two tips:
    1. Activate the option "Inline content" on your Settings > Media page. Then use the class "fancybox-inline". This will let you have more control over the lightbox behaviour when displaying the form.
    2. Give the div#fancyboxID-1 a size, for example with style="width:300px;height:400px"... FancyBox will be using that for the lightbox size.

    However, I do not think that will fix your initial issue. If the lightbox is not working, there is probably a conflict with your theme or another plugin. Make sure there are no other lightbox plugins or theme integrated lightbox scripts used at the same time as FancyBox. Sometimes that might work fine but often it is a source of conflict.

    Other questions:
    - Do you get an error message in the script console?
    - Can you see in the page source code if all script files are present?
    - Can you tell me how many instances of the jQuery library are loaded? It should be only one, but often a theme or plugin loads a second or even third instance!
    - And which jQuery version is used? The version should be 1.8 or above...

    Hope these questions will help you debug :)

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