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  • Resolved Drake


    I am trying in these day the plugin and it is very nice! I hope you will be able to continue the development because it is really promising.

    Anyway I would like to add a suggestion to consider for future releases, it would nice to have the possibility to have the country flag near the streamer name.

    I did a small modification to the widget code, and I’ll post here if someone is interested. It works but I am not so good at PHP programming.

    You need first to add flags sprites to your css, using a service like this one (

    This is an example with few flags I am interested in.

    /* flags */
    .flag {
    	width: 16px;
    	height: 11px;
    	background:url(flags.png) no-repeat
    .flag.flag-au {background-position: -16px 0}
    .flag.flag-ca {background-position: -32px 0}
    .flag.flag-cn {background-position: -48px 0}
    .flag.flag-de {background-position: -64px 0}
    .flag.flag-dk {background-position: 0 -11px}
    .flag.flag-england {background-position: -16px -11px}
    .flag.flag-eu {background-position: -32px -11px}
    .flag.flag-fr {background-position: -48px -11px}
    .flag.flag-gb {background-position: -64px -11px}
    .flag.flag-it {background-position: 0 -22px}
    .flag.flag-ph {background-position: -16px -22px}
    .flag.flag-ru {background-position: -32px -22px}
    .flag.flag-scotland {background-position: -48px -22px}
    .flag.flag-se {background-position: -64px -22px}
    .flag.flag-sg {background-position: 0 -33px}
    .flag.flag-th {background-position: -16px -33px}
    .flag.flag-ua {background-position: -32px -33px}
    .flag.flag-us {background-position: -48px -33px}

    Then you should modify the widget code inf file stream-status-widget.php

    <span class="lsb-status-widget-title">
    							<strong><img src="<?php echo plugins_url( 'images/blank.gif' , __FILE__ ) ?>" class="<?php echo 'flag flag-' . $menu_item->attr_title ?>" alt="Country"></strong>
    							<a href="<?php echo $menu_item->url; ?>"
    							   target="_blank"><?php echo apply_filters( 'lsb_stream_status_widget_text', $menu_item->title ); ?></a>

    And when create the menu entry don’t forget to write the abbreviation of the flag in the Attribute field of menu item.

    e.g. it

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  • Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Hi Drake,

    The development of this plugin will be continued for sure, since I use this plugin myself.

    Regarding the flags, I also initially thought of adding it to the plugin directly. But then, I found there are existing plugins to do that, e.g.: World Flag. Adding this functionality to LSB plugin would basically mean duplicating what’s already created.

    So get that plugin for instance and then just use the shortcode in the stream link title. E.g. [flag country="IT"] Italian ice-cream stream. Specifically for such use case, I have added do_shortcode for the Title in a Menu Item.

    Using it as a dedicated plugin also has a benefit – you can use this shortcode not only in livestreams list, but also anywhere else in you website, e.g. list teams with flags in a news post, etc.

    So my point is that this function most likely does not belong to this plugin.





    Thank you for the answer, I understood the idea of using the shortcode in menu title and it seems nice. I will try it, thank you.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Glad to see it works as you wanted.


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