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    I’m a very happy user of your plugin but I have a problem that’s really damaging the search on my website.

    Currently the “relevance” of a search term to the search is decided by:
    $search_term_len = strlen( $search_term );
    $relevance_title = 200 + 20 * $search_term_len;
    $relevance_content = 35 + 4 * $search_term_len;
    $relevance_title_like = 40 + 2 * $search_term_len;
    $relevance_content_like = 35 + 1 * $search_term_len;

    I would like to be able to make this calculation based on the actual search term.
    For example for a jewelry website, the name of an item should hold more meaning than the type of item.
    If I have the following items:
    1. My Fiji Bracelet
    2. Some other Bracelet – Pretty Bracelet
    And I seach for “fij bracelet”, I’ll get #2 first in the results because it matched “Bracelet” twice for a “full match” making the “like” match of “fij” less valuable although it’s in fact much more important. Also, I wouldn’t want to multiply by the finding of “Bracelet” by the “count” column in the table as it’s not making the result more meaningful.

    So I ask for two things:
    1. Add filters to determine the “relevance” for each field type based on the actual search term
    2. Add a filter to decide based on the search term whether to multiply by count or not

    Thank you very much!
    The plugin is great!


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    You can use following code snippet to add more relevance to word ‘bracelet’. After adding this code please go to plugin settings page and click ‘Clear cache’ button.

    add_filter( 'aws_search_query_array', 'my_aws_search_query_array' );
    function my_aws_search_query_array( $query ) {
        $relevance = "( case when term = "bracelet" then 800 else 0 end ) + ";
        $query['relevance'] = preg_replace( '/\(SUM\([\s\S]*?\([\s\S]*?case[\s\S]*?end[\s\S]*?\)[\s\S]*?\+/i', '$0' . $relevance, $query['relevance'] );
        return $query;


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