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[Resolved] Add Fields

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  • Hi,

    sorry i don’t understand, but as far as i can see, BuddyDrive seems to not match all your needs as :

    And this is a free plugin, it comes the way it is, people can request new features and i’ll try to build them when i’m able to.
    I also try to give support as soon as i can when a trouble is posted on this forum.
    But what i would appreciate is that as most of them are doing : please say things like ‘hi’, ‘can you tell me’, ‘please’ I’m not your very specific web agency you’re giving order to!

    Sorry, i may be an old man…

    No need to apologize, my mistake for trying to be succinct and not demonstrating appropriate gratitude.

    Your plugin is awesome and empowering 🙂 and I sincerely mean that! It is light weight, easily customizable, and the center piece of my buddypress media site.

    Hi imath.

    Thanks for the great plugin. I have started customizing it and I would like just to ask you how can I add more fields in the $content of buddydrive-item-ajax.php? ($content = !empty( $_POST[‘buddydesc’] ) ? wp_kses( $_POST[‘buddydesc’], array() ) : false;). How could I post more fields, except desc? Do I need to add content1, content2, etc, and append them at the end? I would like to add duration, type, etc.

    Kind Regards and again thank you for your time.

    Hi atsianos

    I’ll try to do something fot 1.2. It should be available in a couple of weeks from now.

    Thanks for your feedback and interest in this plugin.

    Thanks imath for the prompt reply. I could send you what I have done, or you could check it directly on the site. It works, up to a point :). If I update it to the 1.2 version, I will most probably lose my customizations.

    If you want, please do add me on skype (atsianos) or email me at info@atken.gr.

    Again, Thank you.

    In 1.2.0, it’s now possible to add custom fields thanks to the hook buddydrive_uploader_custom_fields See the snippet i’ve shared on my blog about it:


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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