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  • how would I go about adding an extra caption field (or two) to each slide in the add image screen, and also, display them on the slide? I am familiar with the CSS for the single caption option already included, but supposing I want to have one main caption, perhaps, somewhere in the middle of the page, and a second caption (a sub-caption, if you will) slightly beneath it and to the right, with a different background colour? I have no problem modifying the CSS, but adding an extra field for the second caption is proving more difficult. Where would I begin?

    Many thanks! 🙂

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  • FlyFX
    Did you ever solve this issue. I have a similar requirement for extra caption fields and would be interested if you managed to get this to work?

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I changed my username as I changed my freelance name so didn’t see the post! lol!

    I gave up on using pre-made plugins (such as nivoslider) as I didn’t want to have to strip them down everytime I wanted a feature they didn’t have. I’m redesigning the site I needed it for at the minute, and have instead written a function using bxslider to add two captions (or more, if necessary) using the title of the post as one, and the excerpt as the other. An example of which can be seen here –

    I found that bxslider is every bit as good as nivoslider, but also, it’s responsive, which suits my needs better! If you have a look at bxslider, and decide to use it, i’d be happy to share the function i’ve written and guide you through it!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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