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  • Darkkurama


    Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to add images hosted in another site (not my hosting, say photobucket) to the “multimedia library” of my wordpress site, in order to use them in the Jetpack carousel.

    I don’t want to use my hosting resources for this matter. Is this issue covered by a plugin at all? please let me know!


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  • jibbius


    None that I know of, but it’s a really great idea.
    I could definitely see myself using, and possibly even building this.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough spare time to promise this will happen quickly, or at all.

    But… if nobody has an existing solution, I’ll keep this post in mind and update with any progress.
    If someone does have a solution, I’d be keen to hear also.



    Thanks for paying attention. I don’t have any experience in coding PHP, but I’ve been thinking of a way of doing this into a plugin, somehow:

    What if a plugin makes a way of uploading a null image (1kb, etc), and then it manages to change the path of said image in the database? don’t know if it makes any sense though.

    If you ever decide to work on this, I’d like to help!



    It makes sense, I expect the difficult part would be uploading the image via wp-admin, but have it saved somewhere else (dropbox..etc).

    Did you have a look a this plugin? It looks like (and I haven’t tested), it can access images stored elsewhere (Picasa/Flickr)… maybe that’s a good solution for now?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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