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    So I have already looked at the thread, and it still does not work. I am using User Role Editor and have allowed all of the user types to “serve_on_board” but there is still no option to add those members, add themselves, nothing. I will not be able to use this plugin if I cannot easily add and remove already existing members of the site to the board.
    Can this not be done by adding a role unique to the plugin like some of the eCommerce ones do for their shop editors – just add a boardMember role that is added to this list?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I’m sorry you’re running into trouble Kat. With the User Role Editor plugin I think you can give existing users multiple roles. Since the plugin already creates a new role called “Board Member”, would you be able to add that role to each user you’d like to add to the board? That hopefully will give them the permissions they need.

    If you’d rather add each capability individually, I’ve included a list of all the capabilities associated with the plugin below. You should be able to add them as needed through the User Role Editor plugin. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


    //Board event caps
    //Board committee caps

    Sorry about the late reply. I can definitely add multiple roles, and gave someone else the role Board Member. It shows up in their profile to be able to “click here if no longer on the board” but it does not list them in any of the board lists. I made sure those capabilities were part of the role too. In the profile it lists whether they would like to serve on a committee, and even when I click that, it does not register within the board system that they are on the board, or the committee.

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    Thanks for getting back to us Kat. I was able to allow an Author to serve on the board with a two step process:

    1. Add all the necessary capabilities to the Author role from within User Role Editor. See the image below for all the capabilities the Author had after making the necessary adjustments.

    Author Custom Capabilities

    2. Add the Board Member role to that user individually. See the image below for the setting I turned on within User Role Editor.

    Adding Board Member Role to Author

    While this functionality isn’t supported out of the box and I didn’t do extensive testing, I was able to create a committee and an event as the Author. I was also able to RSVP for an event and the Author did show in the list of board members. Hopefully once you replicate those steps you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

    Let us know how it goes as I’d love for others to be able to learn from the work you’ve done. And of course, thanks for helping us extend the plugin to provide even more benefit to nonprofits.

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    I triple checked, and unfortunately, mine was already set up how you have it.
    1. I went into user role editor and (laziness prevailed) I gave full capabilities to the role “President”

    2. I then checked the person in the president role, and he is also a “board member” role.

    3. I then checked the user list of people on the board list…

    So then I logged in with a test case that I did the same thing with and can add events and committees, but I cannot add myself to the committee, or to the board list. The committees all list 0 members.

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    Thanks for all the details Kat. I’m no expert on the roles and capabilities system for WordPress, but it’s possible the issue stems from the fact that you’re using a custom role (President) instead of a built-in WordPress role such as Author. Have you tried setting the Author role up to see if it works correctly? User Role Editor lets you reset the capabilities so you can always change the capabilities back later on.

    Wired Impact

    I would not think so. When you create a role and give it permissions, it has those permissions. I tried anyway – to change the author to serve_on_board along with the others, to no avail. I still get to the board page, with only the button to add a new person to the board, not to add the self, or add another. It looks exactly like the picture in my previous post.
    I really, really just want a button next to add new that says add existing. If I can’t add an existing person to this as simply as that, then I truly cannot use this plugin. I am handing this off to people who will not be using the user role editor at all.

    Just wondering, with the testing, the other capabilities edit_committee etc all work when I apply them to a role. I wonder if the serve_on_board capability is not communicating properly – since the others all are working when applied. If I could have it integrated into the role so that when the roles change for the users, they are automatically on or off the board – that could solve my issue.

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    Thanks for the detailed response Kat. Since we’re able to get this working for the Author role, your issue must be related to either a theme or plugin conflict, or the changes that have already been made to the roles using User Role Editor. Given that setting up custom roles as board members is outside the scope of free support, we’re happy to provide you a price to work through the issue if you’d like. Let me know if you’d prefer to go that route so we can discuss next steps.

    Have a great day.

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    Okay, so I figured it out. It is an issue with the serve_on_board permission. I have a demosite that I test a lot of plugins and stuff on, so I went back to that with a clean install. I uninstalled every single plugin except user role editor and yours.
    I then added the serve_on_board to author, and it did not work. HOWEVER, when I added the role board_member to any user, it did in fact work.
    The problem in the original site was that I had boardMembers as a role, not board_members. Once I changed the role name, I could add anyone to the board list. This means that the ability to serve on the board is not tied to the serve_on_role ability, but to the board_members role.

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    That’s great to hear Kat! I’m glad you were able to work it out. Similar to the post I did a week or so ago, to make it work you not only have to turn on the needed permissions, but you also have to add the “Board Member” role to each person you want to serve on the board. Like you said, that “Board Member” role must be the one created by the plugin, not one that is created manually.

    Thanks a ton for working through this and for providing guidance to others. I’ll go ahead and mark this as resolved, but let us know if any other questions come up.


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