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[Resolved] Add Exception for Specific Admin Pages or Brand Them

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    I would contact the Subscribe2 author about implementing it.

    That wouldn’t make much sense, as it’s your feature. However you’re handling .htaccess for the redirect/admin block is what would need to have an exception added to it.

    It wouldn’t matter if it was Subscribe2 or any other plugin really, that’s just an example. It’s not 3rd party plugin-specific, it’s wp-admin URL specific in your rules.

    Just a suggestion to improve your already amazing plugin, but if it were to be implemented it would have to be done on your end.

    Thanks for listening.

    One option might be for users to manually add a rule to our .htaccess that overrides a redirect for a specific URL essentially blocking or denying it from being redirecting. Looking into that now.

    Haven’t gotten it to work, but the following might be on the right track to a workaround:

    rewriteoptions inherit
    rewriterule ^wp-admin/admin.php$ - [l]

    Perhaps you’d be able to point me in the right direction on where and how the redirects are created?

    Thanks, Bryan

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    You are not understanding how TML works. It recreates all of the functions it mimics on the front end. If I were to “theme” Subscribe2’s settings page, that would require me to maintain it’s code as well. This is why I suggested you propose the idea to it’s author. TML provides the hooks and a simple template system needed to tackle this pretty easily.

    I understand that, that was a very minute side idea to the primary idea, of allowing an exception to your implemented redirect and again Subscribe2 was just an example.

    So forget branding and forget Subscibe2 completely. Those are just distractions to what I’m talking about now. Please re-read over the replies to see where the discussion went.

    The question is now, how exactly are you setting the redirect to block users from wp-admin? I didn’t find a physical .htaccess, perhaps you’re implementing a virtual one? That way users could try and manually add an exception.

    The follow up to that is would you consider actually adding a field where we can specify specific admin URLs to allow for our users. The idea being yes we generally want to block users from the admin, but on occasion may need to allow them access to specific admin URLs without allowing them access to the whole admin.

    I totally understand if the answer is no, that’s not something you’re interested in adding, just need to make sure you understand what I’m saying first.

    Thanks, Bryan

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    There are already many plugins that handle user restrictions. So, no, this is not something I’m willing to offer in the terms of fine-tuning – just simply completely blocking WP admin as is now.

    Hey, no worries. I completely understand not wanting to add every bell and whistle and keep things pretty straight forward and less bloated. Just thought I’d run it by you, never hurts to ask.

    In any case, if anyone happens to come across this topic and was also looking specifically for a Subscribe2 theming option, this plugin did the trick:


    Thanks, Bryan

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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