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  1. cclinton
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    I am moving a php website to one run with WordPress and have one thing standing in my way. I can't pull a dynamic list of employees and their affiliated teams from my existing software. I had been using cgi based software (listing manager) from http://www.InteractiveTools.com which allows me to log in to a CMS which modifies a flat-file database. This software also dynamically builds the list of employees, generates a page per employee and does the same for the teams.
    I would prefer to use a plugin but was not able to locate one that listed people who were not current members or posters of the blog. I don't want these people to post, just to have the ability to generate a list of them, generate a page per person and the same per team. It would also be a bonus if they could log into a CMS not in WordPress and modify their personal information.

  2. cclinton
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    Here is more on how the Listing Manager software works. (FYI - also known as Realty Manager where the employees are agents and the teams are real estate listings)
    The software is normally loaded into a folder on the ftp site. This folder contains a folder for the user pages, a folder for the team (listing) pages, a folder containing the cgi scripts, a folder containing the flat file databases and another containing the page and admin templates.
    The user list is dynamically generated when you visit http://www.thedomain.com/listman/homepages. Each person has alink to their personal page on the list that is generated on this page or by visiting http://www.thedomain.com/listman/homepages/user.php. The same goes for the teams or listings when visiting http://www.todomain.com/listman/listings.
    I can move the page templates anywhere I want on the site as long as I enter the correct information in the CMS admin pages. Thus I could set up http://www.thedomain.com/homepages or http://www.thedomain.com/blog/homepages. They suggested moving the templates to the templates folder for my WordPress theme. I built a WordPress template page with the Listing Manager codes in the boddy of the page and ended up with error codes. I mentioned this to them and they said it was beyond their php abilities.

    Technically what happens is that the pages called at http://www.thedomain.com/homepages hiccups on the first WordPress code in the header. I modified the header so it had static rather than dynamic code and it ran them fine but hiccuped on the dynamic WordPress code in the page. I can hardcode the whole template and it works fine but I loose the dynamic ability of WordPress on those pages.
    As a second test I removed all of the WordPress code and ran just the code from the WordPress theme directory and it pulled up the lists correctly. Its a problem with the template pulling both the Listing Manager code and the WordPress code.
    Any suggestions for a plugin or method by which to make the code work?

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