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  • Hello I would like to add a div wrapper to twenty eleven header and footer and achieve the look just like for example. My site ( already looks somewhat like this but I think a DIV tag would be a better and more conventional.

    Any chance anyone can instruct me step by step where to add the div category and how? I think I should be adding it to the header.php which I have already created in my child theme.

    Thanks for the help….and remember step by step I am a newbie! 🙂


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  • In addition I think this kind of explains some of it (found it on a different posting on the forum):

    “What i ended up doing was wrapping the header in a div with a
    width and height of 100% and set a background image to repeat-x; So the div basically encompasses the header with the navigation contained within it. This is all in header.php”

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