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  1. nloding
    Posted 8 years ago #

    While I like plug-ins, they all don't match what I want. So I'm trying to create my own custom photo gallery page. My blog URL is nloding.com/blog. I want the gallery to be nloding.com/blog/gallery.

    I know how to make a page that uses my current template. I have two dilemmas:

    1) Right now, /gallery is inaccessible. I have css folder (blog/gallery/css/styles.css) inside the gallery folder, and when I try to go directly to any css file inside that directly, WordPress says that it can't be found. Why? How do I get WordPress to not think /gallery is a post/page?

    2) How do I pull GET variables from the gallery directory? For instance, I have landscape pictures. How do I do this:
    and have it equal this:

    Any help is much appreciated for a WordPress newbie!!!


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