"Add Custom Field to profile" button in admin pannel (4 posts)

  1. produitsmama
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I would like to see a Button in the admin pannel (in the users section)

    That would look like "Add A Field to Users Profiles"

    And in this section it would have some usefull options like:

    -Allow user to Create/Edit? Yes/No
    -Who can see that field? (user, author, admin, etc...)
    -Allow Other users to see that field? Yes/No
    -Who can modify that field?(user, author, admin, etc...)
    -Is that field a code/password used somewhere on this website? Yes/No: if yes show options on auto-change it every X day/hour/month and send it by email to the user. allow definition on how this code is made: (numbers, letters, symbols, lenght)

    This feature could be very usefull to secure website (like mine).

  2. That's something you'd want to use plugins for, since the need-base for that is somewhat small.

  3. produitsmama
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Still, It could make a basic installation of wordpress very powerfull...
    Anyone know a plugin that can do that?

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