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  • I hooked to add_attachment, and I want to add custom field to the parent post with the URL of the new attachment.

    I am using this code:

    function twp_attachment_handler($attach_ID)
    	$attach_post_obj = get_post($attach_ID);
    	// check if post is not a post, than return
    	$parent_post_obj = get_post($attach_post_obj->post_parent);
    	if ($parent_post_obj->post_type != 'post')
    	$url = wp_get_attachment_url($attach_ID);
    	add_post_meta($attach_post_obj->post_parent, 'full', $url);

    The problem is that if upload before I save for the first time, the custom field is not added. It’s as if the post_parent field is not initialized yet.

    Anything I can do about it? Or maybe I should hook somewhere else?

    BTW, I am using the new v2.3


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