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  • Hi, I have seen what the custom field can do, but I am bit novice. I need to add a custom piece of text to each post. This is the format:

    Contact: or phone 555 555 5555
    Contact: or phone 444 444 4444

    How do I do this?
    With custom fields I have to add the number and url each time as I can’t leave the value empty.

    Please help

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  • Thanks, it looks great but sofar but I cannot get the entries to display in the front end.

    It’s what I wanted in the sense that I can define two options:

    – email 1
    – email 2

    and I can just select either one in the backend and post it. This is great because I need to have such an option, where with custom fields one has to re-enter each value everytime, as a key cannot be without the value.

    But as I said I am having a hard time getting the entry to actually display, am I missing something ?

    Yes I am still novice ..

    You will want to explore Using_Custom_Fields to learn to put code such as in your theme’s appropriate template(typically wp-content/themes/your-theme/index.php) to display custom fields.

    Other related:
    Stepping Into Template Tags
    Stepping Into Templates
    Template Hierarchy

    This is an example by use of the custom field template plugin.


    type = text
    size = 35
    type = text
    size = 35

    [cft] Shortcode Format
    FORMAT #0

    Contact: [Contact]
    phone: [Phone]

    In the post, you have to add this:
    [cft format=0]

    That’s it:)

    Very slick. Didn’t notice that you could do that with your plugin, Hiroaki Miyashita.

    Holy smoke this works perfect, wow thanks guys. As soon as I added <?php the_meta(); ?> it finally displayed in the front end. I realise now that this plugin is related to the custom fields plugin, and thus you need to add the php code in your index.php

    is there any way I can make the values actual email links WITHOUT the shortcode option? I am building this for somebody and he will struggle with adding variables in the post itself. I liked the idea that with this plugin you can just tick the option you want in the post, and it will display in the front end.

    or can [cft format=0] somehow be embedded in the index.php instead of manually adding it to each post?

    I believe, if you want the custom fields displayed for every post then you will want to read my comments above about Using_Custom_Fields etc.

    If you are wanting to display a custom field as a link:

    The shortcode method, I believe, is for displaying the value inside the post (in the post content).

    The more traditional way is to use WordPress codes – such as the_meta – to call in your custom fields within your theme’s templates, but outside the body of the post. Doing this, no one does anything special to “display” the fields when you write a post. Just fill in the custom fields (fill in the email box of Custom Fields Templates), and it will appear where-ever you have placed the_meta

    Note that the_meta displays all Key-Value combinations.
    Email –
    Phone –
    Thumbnail image –

    If you just want to display a particular one, then consult the specific codes in the links MichaelH gave, or try another plugin: Get Custom Fields plugin.

    Sorry to put this in the thread, not sure what else to do.

    Dgold, could you contact me? I’d like to see if you have discovered any work-arounds to the Checkbox List custom field. I read your comments at and I’m looking for the same thing. I found an update to rc_custom_field_gui, but the checkbox functionality is broken. See:


    it has the checkbox list feature now

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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