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  • I still havent found any info on this that works.

    How can I get the WYSIWYG editor to list my custom classes in the STYLE drop down field in the WYSIWYG editor.

    I have TinyMCE Advanced activated and the styles drop down is there but how do i tell it to load certain classes I create?

    I cant find this file that I keep reading is needed to make it work etc tadv-tinymce.css

    The file that I do see is called tadv-styles.css

    From the plugin site:

    I don’t see any styles being imported in the “Styles” drop-down menu.

    These styles (just the classes) are imported from your current theme’s style.css file. However some themes use “@import” links in the style.css to load the actual css file(s). Tiny doesn’t follow these links for now. To make the classes appear, add their names to tadv-tinymce.css file in the plugin’s folder. You don’t need to copy the whole classes, just add the names, like that:




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  • Does my question not make sense or is it not possible to do OR is it possible to do but it’s too difficult to explain?

    Usually the forum has been very responsive in all my questions so far. (which I’m very thankful for)

    I cant imagine no one has had a need to import their classes into the editor.

    I have seen questions where people want the editor to look like their theme so they can see the styling as it’s meant to be. I don’t necessarily need that although that would be great as well.


    Has anyone at least been able to find this file: tadv-tinymce.css
    In the TinyMCE Advanced plugin’s folder.

    I couldn’t find it.


    note: My theme did not come with an editor-style.css.

    I copied one from a twenty-ten theme and placed in my themes main folder but that didn’t add the css styles in the editor-style.css to my WYSIWYG editors drop down menu.

    I keep reading so many different solutions to my problem. TinyMCE Advance site said to look for this tadv-tinymce.css , then the NEW version of the plugin says to address the problem with the editor-style.css file. I’m lost right now.


    Has anyone been able to import their css classes into their editor?


    The newest version of the plugin should work with the editor-style.css. There is no more tadv-tinymce.css. However, several users have had problems getting editor-style.css to load since the last update and apart from going back several versions of the plugin there doesn’t seem to be a solution yet.

    Juno, THANK YOU.

    I have been searching through countless threads trying to piece this problem together. A post on the plugins forum went unanswered as well.


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