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  • I would like to have podcast content (.mp3 files) be added to the podcast feed (iTunes feed) without having to upload the file via the WP web UI. Is there a way to do this?

    This is my objective: There is a podcast I subscribe to that publishes one episode a day – and then it takes that episode down. If you don’t download that day’s episode it’s gone. I want to get these episodes onto an iPod. And the iTunes that iPod is connected to is on a laptop – which is almost always turned off.

    So I installed a podcast client on my Raspberry Pi and it goes out every evening and downloads that day’s episode. I also got WP running on the Pi and installed the SSP plugin.

    I can now point my laptop’s iTunes to the SSP iTunes feed, but it only sees content I’ve uploaded/added via the web page UI. I’d like to be able to move each episode into a directory on the Pi (as part of the script I run) and just have them all show up in the feed.

    Can I do this?



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