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  1. VisioPhobia
    Posted 10 months ago #

    In wpsc-products_page, how can I display an icon for a product if it is in a certain category?

    For instance, if I had three categories: RED, BLUE and GREEN

    and the following products are in the following categories:

    product 1 - RED
    product 2 - BLUE
    product 3 - BLUE & GREEN

    Each category would have have its own icon, which would show up next to any product within that category (and multiple icons if it's in more than one category).

    I was going to do it manually for each product using a meta, but I quickly realised that the meta doesn't support html tags, but basing the icons on a category would be better for scalability anyway.

    I've had a little experiment with wpsc_product_category but can't figure out the exact usage.

    Any help is much appreciated :)


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