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    i have many clients that have Several branches of the restaurant and one website.

    can you please add branches support?

    it can work that why:
    add option to add branches.
    when new branch will be add, new drop menu with all the branches will be shown in the front end.
    also new field for email to new branch will be able. so we can add to each branch specific email (branch email)

    then user can choose to which branch he/she wants to order the table and the branch office will get email with the order details.

    what do you think?


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  • Hi igornn,

    I’d like to write a multi-venue addon that supports all of my plugins — the reservations, restaurant menu, reviews and business profile plugins. Unfortunately I can’t promise it will happen soon. But it’s definitely on my todo list.

    maybe i can start to write the add-on?
    i just need your direction with the hooks.

    hook to add new field in the admin section
    hook to add field in the front end form
    hook in the admin (email section)


    Hi igornn,

    You can find some quick pointers on how to add a field to the front-end form in this support request.

    To add fields to the settings page you can hook into the rtb_settings_page filter. You can see an example of how that’s done to modify the options of one field here.

    To control to whom an email notification goes just before it’s sent you’ll need to hook into the rtb_notification_email_to_email filter. The $this variable which is passed to that filter represents an rtbNotificationEmail object which includes the associated rtbBooking object as $this->booking. Once you’ve attached the venue to the booking you should be able to retrieve it an filter the to email that way.

    To be honest, I have some broader plans for the venue plugin. So I may or may not use what you write as a base for a future extension. But I’d still love to see what you come up with.

    Hi guys. Let me jump into the discussion as I’m also looking for something similar for our restaurant.

    Instead of Venues, I need a way to add a field for a gift-card code.

    With that I can offer things like flowers in our online store. These come fm partners. I don’t hv it in the restaurant. So the reservation is the way I found to know WHEN the gift item must be available.

    As buyer and receiver are not the same person in the case of gift cards, this was my best idea on how to resolve this “gap” in the process.

    I’m hoping the plugin is flexible to receive other fields, like a gift card code.

    I’m not a php programmer, but count on me at least to translate it to portuguese.

    Tks! Ivan

    Hi Ivan,

    I’m currently working on an addon that will allow you to add custom fields to the booking form. Until that’s available (hopefully by May), the only way to add fields to the booking form is through some code. There are some pointers here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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