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    I use this for my website. Normally the frontpage displays the 10 last blog posts, but I would like to have a static front page AND a “blog” page that I can link to as a normal page in the sidebar.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have no experience with coding, but I understand the principle of what the different php files do.

    My page is

    Hope someone can help….


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  • You can configure the front page in Options –> Reading –> Front page.

    Thank you for your reply. That’s exactly what I did, and I now have it set to a static front page (a sort of about/welcome page). What I would like is to also have a “blog” page. Right now the only way you can get to my blog is click on a specific category.

    Oohhh, I am stupid. You were right, the reason I didn’t have a blog page was that I hadn’t created it yet.

    All is well now!



    I have the same problem as Nicolaj too. However, when I went to Options –> Reading –> Front page, there is no such option to configure it there. My current version of WP is the most updated version.

    Anyone can help please.



    That sounds really strange…are you sure you are looking in the right place? It’s under “settings” –> “reading” –> “Front page displays” . Make sure you have at least 2 pages so you can set one to be your static front page and the other your blog.

    The steelydane:

    what exactly did you put in your /blog page ? I have tried the same thing at but cannot get a /blog page or link or redirect to go to my posts without cheating and linking to instead.


    OK I can’t believe how thick I was being.

    There are 2 settings, one for the front page – make this a wordpress page that you have populated with your landing page content.

    The second is for a “Posts page: “. Create any old empty page using the wordpress editor. I created a totally empty page called “blog”. Select this – voila – you have a blog URL and a CMS for a web site.

    Here is a screengrab – so you don’t have to be as thick as I was.


    ok, on that line of thought…..I have a page running with the static home page and now I am going to add the blog but when I add it as a static page the footer jumps up to the right side of the header and my background disappears


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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