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    The more I use Gutenberg the more I really do like it.

    Upon on initial usage I was a little frustrated and I could not see how Gutenberg could possibly be an improvement over the existing WP editor. It seemed to take an age to create a simple post and my frustration was increased due to the need to search for usable elements within each block.
    Looking forward and after a week or so of intensive usage, my opinion has changed quite dramatically. Post creation is now fast and efficient. Frequently used elements are displayed for me at the top of each block. My sites pages appears to load quicker, although I have no idea if this is true or if it is a figment of my imagination.

    On the whole, I am very impressed by Gutenberg and I see its implementation as a huge leap forward in post production. Sure there are one or two area that could be improved but as with any new UI, these can and I’m sure will be fully adjusted and improved with time.

    We are currently witnessing the birth of Gutenberg and if these initial baby steps are anything to go by, I am confident that it will continue to grow year on year into a truly awesome creation that the Gutenberg team will be proud of.

    My sincere thanks to the entire team for their hard work and determination.

    Revamping the WordPress editor was an incredibly bold but correct move to make.

    Long live WordPress, Long live Project Gutenberg!

    Some of the comments below relate to my initial review and suggestion for the addition of a new block button to be added to the bottom of an existing block and not just at the top where it currently resides.

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    I agree. I understand the reasoning for the centered add-block button on the top of the block. It’s there because inserting a block above another one makes sense, but yes, it would be nice if it also showed up when the mouse was on the previous block.

    It’s the same button and action in both locations, that of inserting a block between these two blocks, so yeah, hovering over a block should show the + above the block and the + of the block immediately below that block as well.



    Also, sometimes the small cross in the circle is barely visible between paragraphs or when a line in inserted above two paragraphs.

    Agreed, I believe it’s the single option I am never using because as soon as the page you are editing starts to be filled with multiple kinds of content, especially inline ( which is a really enjoyable thing to do with Gutenberg ), that control feels to me a bit ‘hard to catch’ while hovering and vaguely ‘lost in the mix’…

    Not a big issue of course since it is possible to add blocks in various ways but I still wonder if many users (that like Gutenberg) feel the same way about it.

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