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    I’m trying to add a Bcc: header to a contact form that gets it address through a shortcode. I’d like to to set when sending the mail without ever publicicly exposing the address. I feel I’m close, but it’s just not adding the Bcc. The code:

    add_action( 'wpcf7_before_send_mail', 'add_affiliate_bcc' );
    function add_affiliate_bcc( $wpcf7 ) {
      $affiliate_recipient = do_shortcode('[affiliate_recipient]');
      if ( $affiliate_recipient AND stristr( $wpcf7->title, 'order') ) :
            $wpcf7->setup_mail_template( array('additional_headers' => 'Bcc: ' . affiliate_recipient, 'subject' => 'modified header successfully!' ) );

    But alas, no header ever get’s modified, and the mail goes out just the same way as without the action. Anyone more knowledgeable in here who could help me out?

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  • Wohoo, now that was fun – after finding a way to inspect the $wpcf7 object, I was able to pinpoint every data I need. The solution below just takes the data after the mail was sent and sends yet another mail through wp_mail to the recipient of your choice:

    add_action( 'wpcf7_mail_sent', 'add_bcc' );
    function add_bcc( $wpcf7 ) {
      /* we're not actually adding a bcc but instead send yet another mail */
        $affiliate_recipient = '';
        $subject = 'Your custom mail subject';
        /* get mail body from wpcf7 object (gets returned with your [tag-name] form tags ) */
        $mailbody = $wpcf7->mail["body"];
        /* inject posted data into in the form tags */
        foreach ( $wpcf7->posted_data as $form_name => $value ) :
            $mailbody = str_replace( "[".$form_name."]", $value, $mailbody );
        /* Bonus: If you'd like to apply your custom shortcodes in the mail body, just uncomment the next line line */
        // $mailbody = do_shortcode($mailbody);
        /* all done, so let's send the mail! */
        @wp_mail( $affiliate_recipient, $subject, $mailbody );

    This is fantastic. Just what the doc ordered.

    Thank you for sharing

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