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  • Hello,

    I’m using wordpress 3.0.1 Multi users.
    I want to add a custom page to my wordpress instalation so the page appears when a new blog is created by a new user. I want that the page appears automaticaly like the page “about” in the menu.

    So what I have done to achieve this is : create my custom-page.php that I added to the root folder of my wordpress instalation (not the theme folder). And add a `<?php require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’);
    get_header(); ?> ` so I get the header of the actual choosen theme and I’ve done the same thing for the footer.
    Then I added a link in the menu for my custom-page.php modifiyng some core files of wordpress (don’t remember which right now).

    The problem is that this custom page is seen as a 404 error page by wordpress and this causing me some problems to do my css…

    I didn’t use a template page because those pages must be add manualy by the users.

    Is there a way to add this custom page directly in my theme or do you know an other technic for this ?

    I must say I’m not familiar with all the wordpress tehcnics, so may be an other solution exists.

    Thanks a lot for your answers and reading me until the end.

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